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Maths Magic uses personalised learning to ensure children are confident and secure in the key skills needed to achieve and progress in mathematical thinking.

It works by using a certificate-based scheme where the objectives needed to succeed are achieved through games, providing instant feedback for child and teacher and preventing gaps in learning.

How it works

Step 1. Teach the key skills and let children practice the maths games in the classroom.

Step 2. Children complete the games online and gain a star on their certificate!

Step 3. Monitor each child’s performance and grant them access to more difficult games!

Sounds Interesting...

The online environment is currently under construction, but the games and certificate-based system have been tried and tested in the classroom to great success. Head over to our products page to see which products would suit your needs the best!

Try our game demos!

In the mean time, why not try out two of the games! Odd-Even Game Demo and Loop Card Game Demo. They are both aimed at 5 to 7 year olds.

Watch our introduction to Maths Magic!

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Download the Maths Magic loop card game for the iPhone here!

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